Astrology Meetup Groups

Archiving a list of local Astrology meetup groups in North America and beyond. The one qualification is the group meets IN PERSON. It's time that we see and connect in person again. One small way has been through astrology conferences but they are unaffordable for most and only happen once a year. Plus, the conference model has been downsized. Where does the astrological community go next? In my opinion it's back to a community based model. Local groups. I will update the list when I can. BUT I need your help. Is there a group that should be listed?

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This page was inspired by the Pluto in Aquarius ingress and will updated every Pluto / Moon Conjunction.



United States


Southern California Astrological Network -
Laguna Hills

Dinner meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month, with notable speakers lecturing on astrological topics.

San Francisco Astrological Society (SFAS)

San Diego Astrological Society
SDAS meets at the Joyce Beers Community Center every 2nd Friday of the month

The Denver Astrology Group



Salem Astrology Group

Excited to host spaces for lecture-type meetings but also regular outdoor/stargazing activities!